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In the News 2006

Daily Telegram 2/17/06: Four Democrats Seek Party’s Nod for the 7th District

Herald Palladium 2/20/06: Marijuana Defendant Claims He Was Targeted

Hillsdale Collegian 5/8/06: May Day Candidacy Announcement

Kalamazoo Gazette 2/16/06: Former School Counselor Says He’s  a Target After Drug Arrest

In the News2008

Ann Arbor Chronicle 10/22/08-Echos of 1968: Now and Again

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In the News 2010

Ann Arbor Chronicle 8/9/10-Modified Moratorium on Marijuana Passed

In the News 2011

Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine May 2011-Hash Bash Turns 40

Ann Arbor Chronicle 1/7/11 Medical Marijuana Plan Amended, Delayed

Washington Post 8/24/11: State Appeals Court: Sale of Medical Marijuana Through Dispensaries is Illegal

In the News 2012

Culture Magazine November 2012: Voter Guide

In the News 2013

New York Times November 7, 2013: Measures to Legalize Marijuana are Passed


In the News 2014

Boom in Marijuana Infused Foods Has Colorado Refining Rules 1/1/14: The Ann Arbor Hash Bash

Trinity Media 8/13/14: Chuck Ream, the Gospel of Cannabis, Driving While High and Legalizing it in Michigan

Detroit Free Press 3/22/14: Michigan Medical Pot Bills Would Okay Edibles, Dispensaries

In the News 2016 4/1/16: The Annual Hash Bash is Back

In the News 2017

The 4/2/17: Photos from the 2017 Hash Bash 3/17/17: Hash Bash 2017 Prepares to Launch New Legalization Campaign