Activism 2000

The Ohio Hempery 2000

Activism 2001

Circle Magazine Fall 2001: Ecomagic: Saving Land in the Real World

Activism 2004

Email to Acting City Clerk Ron Olson 4/12/04
Letter Requesting Legal Advice for Invalid Petition 4/13/04
Ann Arbor News 6/19/04-Medical Marijuana Lands Spot on Ballot
Ann Arbor News 7/14/04-Medical Pot on Detroit, Ann Arbor Ballots
Ann Arbor City Medical Marijuana Campaign 2004
Medical Marijuana Draft 2004
The Danger of Cannabis Debunked 2004
Medical Marijuana Statement 2004
The “Danger” of Cannabis-2004 Dispensary Struggle
MMAAYS Petition Circulators 2004
Medical Marijuana Committee Ballot Question 2004
Ann Arbor Medical Marijuana City Charter Amendment Invalid 4/13/04
Ann Arbor News 9/8/04-Governor Cast Doubt on Marijuana Ballot Issues
Letter to the Ann Arbor News: Washtenaw Coalition for Compassionate Care 10/6/04
Ann Arbor News 10/26/04-Medical Marijuana Still a Burning Issue
Ann Arbor News 11/4/04-Medical Marijuana Vote Called Invalid
Emails From City Attorney Postema to Mayor and Council Members 11/5/04
Email to Mayor Hieftje 11/4/04

Activism 2005

Ann Arbor News 4/1/05-Tone of Hash Bash Changing
Ann Arbor News 4/3/05-Less of a Bash More Issues to Hash
Greg Francisco 2005
Open Letter: Implementing Community Standards

Activism 2006

Ann Arbor News 11/27/06-Hearing Set on Medical Pot Use
Medical Marijuana Patient Says He Was Targeted
Flint Campaign Petition 2006
Letter to the Ann Arbor News from Alfred E. Newman

Activism 2007

Ann Arbor News 4/8/07-Hash Bash Flash
Ann Arbor Observer 3/06-Who Will Pay for Law Enforcement in the County
Don’t Pot Growers Have a Right To Self Defense?

Activism 2008

Boycott Michigan Municipal League

Activism 2009

Ann Arbor News 12/27/09-Caregiver’s Cup: Ypsilanti to Host Marijuana Competition
Cannabis Laws In Ann Arbor 2009
Safer Michigan Housekeeping
Mt Pleasant Campaign Planning Notes
Oaksterdam Lesson Plan with Notes
Oaksterdam University Lesson Plan Final
Oaksterdam Schedule Draft