Conrad, Chris-Human Rights and the U. S. Drug War
Evans, Rod L-Drug Legalization: For and Against
Gray, Judge James P-Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed
Gray, Mike-Busted

Hyde, Henry-Forfeiting Our Property Rights
LSE Research-Re-examining the Drug Problem Through a Fresh Lens
MacCoun, Robert J-Drug War Heresies

Masters, Bill-Drug War Addiction
Miller, Joel-Bad Trip
Miller, Mark Crispin-Cruel and Unusual
Miller, Richard-Drug Warriors and Their Prey

Miron, Jeffrey-Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition
Russell, Dan-Drug War
Schaler, Jeffrey-Addiction is a Choice

Sullman, Jacob-Saying Yes
Szasz, Thomas-Our Right to Drugs
Trebach, Arnold S-The Great Drug War
Young, Stephen-Maximizing Harm