Armstrong, Karen-The Great Transformation
Ayres, Ed-God's Last Offer
Berry, Thomas-Creative Energy
Carse, James P-The Religious Case Against Belief

Gauchet, Marcel-The Disenchantment of the World
Golliher, Jeffrey-Crisis and the Renewal of Creation
Graham, Lloyd M-Deceptions and Myths of the Bible
Grof, Stanislav-The Way of the Psychonaut Volume 1
Grof, Stanislav-The Way of the Psychonaut Volune 2

Harris, Sam-Letter to a Christian Nation
Harris, Sam-The End of Faith
Jefferson, Thomas-The Jefferson Bible
King, Barbara J-Evolving God

LaRue, Gerald-Sex and the Bible
Mack, Burton-Who Wrote the New Testament
Mencken, H L-Treatise on the Gods

Newberg, Andrew-Why God Won't Go Away
Pollan, Michael-The Botany of Desire
Roberts, Elizabeth-Earth Prayers
Smith, Huston-Why Religion Matters

Smith, Huston-The Soul of Christianity
Stebben, Gregg-Everything You Need to Know About Religion
The Unitarian Universalists Guide

Wells, G A-The Jesus Legend
Wilber, Ken-A Sociable God
Wilson, E O-The Creation