A Great Victory for Medical Cannabis Legalization

This decade saw a change in focus for marijuana activists in the Ann Arbor area and across the state. For more than two decades the struggle focused on the passing, implementation and protection of medical marijuana legal initiatives. Although medical marijuana access and use was overwhelmingly approved by Michigan voters in 2004 (74%) the struggle with local governments to keep it accessible continued for more than a decade. Eventually Ann Arbor’s council and city attorney bowed to the voters will and dispensaries became part of the landscape in Michigan. This decade also brought recognition to Chuck’s dedication to the cause in the form of the 2014 High Times Lifetime Achievement Award.

Activism 2010

2010 and 2011 brought persistent struggles with Ann Arbor’s City Council to follow the wishes of the voters with regards to medical marijuana dispensary legislation in the city. Council suggested zoning changes for dispensaries as well as list-keeping of patients and their caregivers and changes to the business ordinance. The struggle continued, even after 74% medical marijuana approval by voters.

Charles Ream at A2 City Council August 5, 2010

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Activism 2011

Defending the Mother God August 19, 2011

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Activism 2012

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Plaintiff: Brian L. Mackey/ Defendant: $114,182.09 in United States Currency
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Activism 2013

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Activism 2014

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