Adler, Margot-Drawing Down the Moon
Badiner, Alan Hunt-Dharma Gaia
Carpenter, Edward-The Origins of Pagan and Christian Beliefs

Eisler, Riane-The Chalice and the Blade
Ellis, Peter-The Druids
Gardner, Gary-Invoking the Spirit
Harpur, Tom-Pagan Christ

Hayden, Tom-The Lost Gospel of the Earth
Horgan, John-Rational Mysticism
Pagels, Elaine-The Gnostic Gospels
Pollack, Rachel-The Body of the Goddess

Robinson, John-Pagan Christs
Shlain, Leonard-The Alphabet Versus the Goddess

Starhawk-The Spiral Dance
Stone, Merlin-When God Was a Woman
Wasson, Gordon-The Road to Eleusis