For Immediate Release to the Press 1987

Scio Citizens for Appropriate Development 1987


Scio Development Newsletter 1/88

A Letter to Local Government 2/9/88

Letter From Scio Trustees 2/15/88

Lets Get Hold of the Reins 8/2/88

Scio Documents 1988








Circle Magazine Fall 2001: Ecomagic: Saving Land in the Real World



Green, Open, Semi-Rural Scio 2003


Ann Arbor News 12/1/04-In Brief

Ann Arbor News 5/23/04-Scio Teen Quits Race for Trustee

Ann Arbor News 7/23/04-Fast Growing Township Arms Itself with Studies

Ann Arbor News 11/15/04-Letters

Ann Arbor News 11/27/04-New Scio Board May Get Help From Old One


Ann Arbor News 1/30/05-Jail Faces Taxpayer Verdict

Ann Arbor News 2/17/05-Objections Force Flier Reprint

No Giant Jail Commission Registered 2005

Scio Township Parks Permit Application 2005

Scio Rural Land Preservation Letter 2005


Ann Arbor News 2/1/05-Scio Landowners Seek Sewage Plant Permit

Ann Arbor News 6/16/05-Scio to Pay City $1.32 Million

Ann Arbor News 9/4/05-Road Patrol Debate Isn’t Over

Ann Arbor News 12/14/05-Washtenaw County Leading the Way in Land Preservation


Ann Arbor News 1/14/06-Township Sues to Keep Patrols

Ann Arbor News 4/9/06-Radio Millage to be Boosted

Ann Arbor News 5/14/06-County Commission Candidates Challenged

Ann Arbor News 7/2/06-GOP Reps Face Tough Races

Ann Arbor News 8/5/06-Scio Group Lobbies Against Safety

Ann Arbor News 8/5/06-Democrats Compete for a Shot at 7th District House

Defend Dexter From Developer

Harvest Valley Defend Against Development Flyer

Land Preservation Meeting Minutes

Ann Arbor News 1/15/06-Costco on Zeeb Road a Hard Idea to Sell

Ann Arbor News 1/19/06-Boards Drops Plan for Jail Expansion

Ann Arbor News 7/23/06-Political Tricks are No Problem at Art Fairs

Ann Arbor News 8/6/06-Stack the Best Choice for 7th District

Ann Arbor News 11/2/06-Bond Plan May Add 96 Jail Cells

Ann Arbor News 12/11/06-Citizens Group Won’t Push for Public Vote

Ann Arbor News 12/20/06-Scio Dexter Continue Development Talks


Ann Arbor News 2/6/07-Crowd Claims Racism in Intruder Shooting

Ann Arbor News 3/5/07-Scio Manager Asked to Improve

Reports to Scio Parks Committee

Scio Township Recreation Options


Scio Citizens Held Hostage

Response to Preserve Scio Article

Standard and Poor Upgrades Scio

Ann Arbor News 5/14/08-Election 2008: Area Primary Candidates

Ann Arbor News 6/15/08-Area Dems Plan Forum

Ann Arbor News 7/27/08-A Scio Candidates are Democrats This Year

Ann Arbor News 10/2/08-Deputy Force Lagging in Scio Township

Ann Arbor News 12/8/08-Scio Gets Park Money

Ann Arbor News 12/23/08-Letters