A Great Victory for Recreational Cannabis Legalization and Chuck Moves on to Decriminalize Nature

With the struggle for medical marijuana close behind them, marijuana activists in Michigan began a concerted, well-planned and organized effort to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state. That effort included actively supporting the campaigns for Michigan senator Jeff Irwin, attorney general Dana Nessel and governor Gretchen Whitmer. Michigan’s marijuana activist movement had gained legal and political backing as well as contributors who could and did offer significant sums to support the legalization effort. It had grown into an organized and well-thought-out campaign. The campaign was tremendously successful, making the ballot and passing in 2018. Recreational marijuana purchase and use became legal in the state of Michigan on December 2, 2018. Chuck’s decades of determination and unrelenting energy played a significant role in this final victory.

Following the 2018 victory for the marijuana movement in Michigan Chuck turned his focus to the legalization of plant-based medicines in the form of psychedelics. He would like to see therapeutic, plant-based psychedelics available on a local level using a model similar to medical marijuana dispensaries. Given Chuck’s track record this is likely to become a reality sooner rather than later. Chuck enters another era with his determination, experience, unrelenting voice of reason and the accumulated good-will of the many who have struggled beside him.

Activism 2015

Cannabis Activist Sunday Brunch 2015

Activism 2016

Activism 2017

Committee for Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Dinner Meeting 7/3/17
MILegalize and CRMLA Join Forces 2017 for Fundraising 2017
MILegalize Can Win It

Activism 2018

MLive 12/6/18: Michigan Cannabis Reflect on a Lifetime of Work

Activism 2019

Michigan Radio Interviews Chuck Ream about Ann Arbor’s First ‘Legalized” Hash Bash

While still working to fine tune the regulation of use and sales of recreational marijuana in Ann Arbor Chuck picks up the gauntlet of legitimizing the use of plant based psychedelics in the city.

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Activism 2020

After the long struggle for and successful campaign to decriminalize marijuana in Michigan Chuck turned his attention to decriminalizing plant-based psychedelics in Ann Arbor. The Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor campaign was founded with Chuck as the Political Advisor on the Executive Committee on the newly founded DNA2.

Decriminalizing Nature November 2020-Chuck Speaks remotely to the Ann Arbor City Council at the meeting where council voted to decriminalize plant-based psychedelics

Current Magazine 9/21/20: Ann Arbor City Council to Vote on Decriminalizing Psychoactive Plants and Mushrooms
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2020 Ann Arbor Remote Hash Bash-Remote Speaker Chuck Ream